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  • Weber Blue

    Weber Blue

  • Weber Green

    Weber Green

  • Weber Navy

    Weber Navy

Building Rendering for Gibraltar

Renders and Decorative Finishes for new build and refurbishment schemes.

Comprised of 6 standard colours and 18 special colours, Weber has a wide range of modern renders available in addition to other decorative finishes. Contact us should you be interested in our rendering products.

  • Weber Light Blue
    Mineral mortar waterproofed for plastering interior courtyards, garages etc.
  • Weber Light Green
    Mortar for the structural repair of thick concrete. Includes fibres and is waterproof.
  • Weber Light Blue
    For laying tiles of med/high porosity, suitable for indoor flooring and wall coverings.
  • Weber Purple
    Fine lime plaster for all indoor finishes.
  • Thistle Multi Finish
    Thistle MultiFinish is the choice for plasterers working on both undercoats and board backgrounds on the same job. Ideal choice for small repair jobs and patching.
  • Gyproc Dry Wall Adhesive 500x500
    Suitable for use on high, medium or low suction backgrounds.